Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recycling Rain Water

Nowadays everywhere you turn, you will see the word "recycle". Recycling habit is rather new in Malaysia due to its awareness level which is still relatively low in comparison with other western countries.

Why not start the recycling habit from the simplest task which is recycling rain water. Rain water harvesting is the accumulating and storing of rainwater which later can be recycled for watering the garden, washing cars etc. With Malaysia's climate receives an average of 2409 mm (94.8 inches) of rainfall yearly, or an average of 201 mm (7.9 inches) monthly, anyone can easily start the habit.

Take the simplest method such as below to start your own rainwater harvesting. Begin with a suitable covered water barrel which is placed at the end of the house gutter system. Make sure that the barrel is out of the direct sunlight as sunlight will cause water algae. You may also install a fine wire mesh screen that filters out dry leaves and prevent mosquitoes breeding.

Don't forget to inspect and clean the barrel frequently.

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  1. It's a pretty good idea. A bit of maintenance is needed to prevent health risks, but that small amount of time is miniscule compared to recycling that rainwater to be used in our daily activities...